Introducing Us

Here we go, my very first blog post. As I mentioned on the introduction page, I have had a feeling like “I should blog about that” for years, but I never began. I couldn’t decide on a theme. Finally, I have the courage to begin.

I figured the best way to start, like with most things, would be with introductions. So “Hi!” I have a million labels: wife, mom, avid coffee drinker, employee, engineer, triathlete, friend, sister, daughter, fabulous nerd, nature lover, environmentalist, reader, cook… the list could never end if you keep thinking about it.

I’m am mom to two amazing girls, Aramina Jade (3) and Cassiopeia Vash (3 months) and they’ll go by Ari and Cassi on this site. (If you look at the names I picked, you can pick out a few of my hobbies.) Ari is a firecracker and she gives me a run for my money daily. She is so spirited and so determined it amazes me. Cassi is the sweetest and most calm baby and her little smile absolutely melts my heart. She already clearly loves her big sister and I know that it will only be a blink before they are chasing each other around.

My Husband and I have been married for almost 6 years now, and so far so good. I’ll call him The Hubbs. The Hubbs is also an engineer and he can lean towards those typical engineer stereo types (really good with machines, not so great with people). He’s also been “blessed” with the world’s greatest Resting-Bitch-Face (the RBF) so it’s a running joke every time he accidentally scares some poor service industry worker into thinking he is pissed at them.

I’m a habitual emoticon user, which is making it hard for me to type this all out (HOW WILL THEY KNOW WHERE I’M JOKING?) and a habitual procrastinator. I love self-improvement though, so we will see if I can conquer the procrastination sometime. If I’m not learning, improving, and growing I simply stop feeling like myself. I also love teaching friends and family about what I have learned and I hope that this blog will be a great way for me to expose others to new hobbies and ideas.


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