Hi Everyone and welcome! For years, I have been thinking “oh, I should write a blog about that!” but I never started. My problem was that I could never settle on a topic or theme for a blog. I considered writing about everything from home improvement projects to fitness and nutrition to being a working mom and feminist. Nothing seemed to stick.

Then I realized, no topic was enough for me to write about because none of these things were ALL I cared about. I’m not one of those people who has a range of interests that are “an inch wide and mile deep” so I couldn’t realistically come up with consistent interesting posts on the same topic for a long time. I still wanted to try writing though. Now what?

Time to look at blogging from a different angle then. The thing is, this is my┬ásite and my blog, so it can be whatever I want. It doesn’t have to fit into some predefined category or mold (because I certainly don’t!). And so, Ever Evolving Me was born.

No subject. No theme. No labels. No boundaries. Just a look at eclectic, multifaceted, and evolving me. I hope you enjoy it!